Welcome!  What are we about?  – Giving you some tools to be the cool, wise, caring, fun Dad you wish you had the time to be.

Is there a typical Dad?  Which of these desires or traits describe you?

  • A desire to be a role model for your kids –to have some positive influence on their lives.
  • To be the cool dad in the neighborhood; the go-to dad that dispenses wisdom and is fun to be around.
  • You realize that school isn’t going to teach everything your kids need to know:  a big list that includes money, jobs, taxes and developing character and virtue.
  • You realize that each child needs to find his own path and you want to foster the growth of their talents and ambitions.
  • Your kid is not going to be the undisciplined, inattentive brat or bully that would make teachers and coaches want to quit.
  • You believe it’s your job to make sure your kids can fly when they leave the nest.
  • You absolutely love your family time and your Dad-kid time.

Don’t wait too long.  The fun time will be over too soon.  Since my kids are grown, now I have to hug this big man-thing.  What happened to my Sonny Boy!

Teachable moments:  If you really want to get your point across, you may need to prepare a little bit – sort of like writing a speech before delivering it.  In my case, I wanted to cheat a by finding a book where lessons were already prepared.  Perhaps a title such as “Teaching your Children life lessons in 30 minutes or less” or “Secular Sunday School – Dinner topics that teach while they entertain.”  No such book could I find; hence the genesis of writing lessons/tools for like-minded dads.

Finding time once a week:  How about after the soccer game, or right before the Sunday dinner, or during the Sunday dinner?  Your kids might roll their eyes at first but they’ll also come to treasure these times.

Kid-Tested:  It would sound like bragging describing our grown kids and our relationship with them.  Compared to my relationship with my Dad (we never really connected) and our kids…. words can’t describe our joy and pride.

(Link to lessons).  Please look at some of the selected lessons.  Perhaps they’ll resonate with you and your kids.  Let me know if you would like any additional sessions shown on the index.  Have fun with your kids!