This is a fun introduction to the category – Running a Household.  Dedicated to the dual propositions that Civilization is Grand and “Quick, where’s the shutoff?”, Busy Dad presents a collection of tools that not only teach kids how things work in a house but also the activities of daily independent living.  Kids should know how to make a meal, fix and repair minor stuff, know what to do in an emergency and what utility bills and insurance are all about.

“How it’s Built” recognizes that so many of our body parts and functions have corresponding components in a house.  Bones = wood studs, fat = insulation, electric wiring = nerves, feet = footings, and so on.  (Download here.)

The contents of the “Running a Household” (Chapter 1):

1.0     Introduction –  Learning to be self-sufficient and secure in the home environment

1.1     Bills, bills, bills – Understanding utility bills, meters, consumption

1.2    Where’s the flashlight? – What to do and have in case of emergency

1.3    OMG! Now what? – The how and why of insurance

1.4    What’s cooking? – Becoming a Master of the Kitchen

1.5    Let’s fix it – Learn about basic tools and easy repairs

1.6    How it’s built – Components of a house with comparison to human body

1.7    Down the toilet – Sewage conveyance – toilet to treatment plant

1.8    The shutoff – Hurry! – Explanation of water systems

1.9    That’s shocking! – Electrical – panel, outlets, switches, volts, amps

1.10   Pay me now or Pay me later – Maintenance of home, body, and possessions

1.11    Who to call – 911, outages, poison, service repair, etc.

1.12   Out of sight-out of mind – Waste Management – recycle or landfill

How it’s built – our house; our bodies

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