Those wonderful kids in the picture below are now 30 and 28.  Admittedly, most of the credit for their fine upbringing belongs to my wife.  It was she, who when the kids were young teenagers, issued a mandate:   “This Saturday you’re going to spend time with the kids, and while you’re at it, teach them something.”  OK, sure. – but what?  “I know, something I wish my Dad had taught me.”   It took several weeks to put together, but I finally came up with a lesson about money that was a big hit.

Not an expert:  These lessons and sessions are probably very similar to what you would prepare – if you had the time.  Reading advice from the experts leaves one thinking “OK, sure, but now what?”.  It’s a lot more fun to talk to your kids in classic dad-fashion: a mixture of direct, crusty, funny, wise and ridiculous.

Personal background:  My career has been building and real estate development, working for large corporations as well as self employed for the last 15 years.  Hobbies and passions include hiking, travel, a life-long passion of classical piano and over 30 years of martial arts as student and instructor.

Why take on the busy dad book project?  Three reasons: 1, the help I was looking for after my wife’s mandate was not available. 2, kids and young adults are certainly lacking (Didn’t their parents teach them anything?!) and 3, I need to prove that my wife isn’t the only one that can positively influence kids.